Amazingly Articulate 3D Paper Objects by Kevin LCK

paper 3D objects on table

This stunningly articulate work was created by talented artist Kevin LCK. He made these 3D Paper Objects as part of a project entitled ‘Ordinary Behavior’. Check out the rest of the images I selected for this post:

Gallery: 3D Paper Objects by Kevin LCK

paper  plug

From Kevin’s site: This is Kevin LCK an illustrator, product designer and a member of BrainRental. Based out of Hong Kong and London. This site showcases a selection of works from my ongoing project ‘Ordinary Behavior’ – A project that explore the uncanny experience between human and technology thru series of objects and illustrations. I like the analogue, the craft and the weird stuffs [read more].

behind paper  DSLR

paper camera

paper  old mac

3D paper object

paper mac

paper toilet on iphone

paper hand

Amazingly Articulate 3D Paper Objects by Kevin LCK  | A note regarding copyrights ©: All the images imaged within this post are copyright Kevin LCK. Please visit their site for more fantastic work.

paper keyboard keys

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Sectional Globes

Sectional Globes 2

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