Dainty Printable 3D Paper Calendar for Your Desk

Ah, what every desk needs, a 3D paper calendar! These little paper miniature typewriters are made available on ETSY from Mumbai-based SkyGoodies. They sell these as downloadable PDF’s that you print out at home, then have fun assembling…

3d paper mockup

3D Paper Calendar Gallery:

3d paper calendar

3d paper calendar with pens

3d paper typwwiters reverse

3D paper typewriters

3d paper calendar with text

DIY Printable Paper Desk Calendar

Here’s a quaint little 3D Paper Desk Calendar for your mantelpiece, table-top or shelf… in the form of a typewriter, with 12 month cards with dates. The body of the typewriter has been lovingly illustrated with intricate patterns and details.

Ready-to-print on an A4 size printer, and easy to cut and assemble, with just scissors and glue.
Also printable in LETTER size, by just ‘fitting to page’ in your printer settings.

Finished size of the typewriter body: about 10 cm width, 9 cm depth and 6 cm height. Please add 10 cm for visible height of the date cards. (Before closing the body of the typewriter, please insert some small heavy objects like pebbles, gravel, sand or coins, to make the body heavy and stable.) – read more over on ETSY.

3d paper typewriter

Further Information // “Dainty Printable 3D Paper Calendar for Your Desk” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright SkyGoodies. Please visit their store for more fantastic products. Found via Colossal.

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