Paper-art by Jen Stark

Paper-art pointed shape

Wow! Check out these stunning examples of Paper-art. They are by talented artist, Jen Stark. Enjoy these inspiring images.

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Paper Art Gallery by Bianca Chang

Yellow paper art

Paper Art by the Talented Bianca Chang. Here is another gallery showcasing more fantastic artwork made from just paper! I hop you enjoy it…

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Paper Art by Peter Callesen

Paper cut image

Image above:Running Fire II.

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Paper Art Tetris

Paper Tetris

Paper Art Gameboys and classic games. We all love a bit of retro, don’t we? Well, here are 12 great pics of 3D paper constructions made and designed by “Zim and Zou”. Be inspired and prepare to be captivated by these wonderful recreations in 3D:

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Art by White Papers Press

Foldout book

I’m sure you’ll adore this paper art sculpting work by White Papers Press. This is an extract about Sara, the designer of these delicate works:

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Art by Kris Trappeniers

Paper Art Womans Head

Paper Art Sculpting by Kris Trappeniers — a stencil artist based in Belgium. As can be seen in the papercut of the womans head (above), Kris uses a sharp scalpel to create stunning paper art ‘sculptures’.

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Paper Art by Cara Barer

Paper Art Image

Photographer Cara Barer has done a fantastic job in turning old books into stunning paper art. My favourite is the one entitled ‘The Twins’ at the end of this post ↓ Above: “Rapunzel”.

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Funky Origami Animals by Joseph Wu

Paper Art of strange, funky and clever origami animals and ‘creative creatures’ are by Joseph Wu. As you may know, I feature a fair amount of paper art over here at Paper Art Love, so I hope you’ll enjoy these too. Above: “Corky & Cecil”.

Origami animals

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