Paper Art – Creating Reality

Paper cut image

This paper art is quite stunning and original. Artist Peter Callesen has done a great job creating realistic paper cuts that bring A4 paper sheets to life // Image above: Running Fire II.

Butterflies paper cut

Above: Butterflies trying to escape their shadow

Peter’s site explains:

[…] Some of the small paper cuts relate to a universe of fairy tales and romanticism, as for instance Impenetrable Castle inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier, in which a tin soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina, living in a paper castle. Other paper cuts are small dramas in which small figures are lost within and threatened by the huge powerful nature. Others again are turning the inside out, or letting the front and the back of the paper meet – dealing with impossibility, illusions, and reflections… [read more]

Distant wish Paper cut

Above: Distant wish II

paper water image

Above: Eismeer

Paper castle

Above: Impenetrable Castle II

Paper anorchid

Above: In the Shadow of Anorchid

Paper Art Swan

Above: The Dying Swan II

Time Paper Cut

Above: The Short Distance Between Time and Shadow

Paper White Hand

Above: White Hand

All Paper Cut images above are copyright © Peter Callesen. Please visit his site for more great work.

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