Paper Art Sculpting by White Papers Press

Foldout book

I’m sure you’ll adore this paper art sculpting work by White Papers Press. This is an extract about Sara, the designer of these delicate works:

About fifteen years ago, Sara put an x-acto blade to an unfinished sketchbook. She liked the silhouettes, the relationship between positive and negative space – still does. […]

Sara develops new things using all of the above: products, ideas, homewares, and so much more stuff that she hasn’t yet realized. Her clients include IDEO, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Levis. She also has exhibited her print and cut paper artwork in the UK, US and Canada and teaches at the San Francisco Center for the Book [more].

Top image: Paper Art Book

Flat Cutout

Above: Paper Art Flat Cut-out

Sculpting Flipbook

Above: Paper Art Flipbook

Sculpting Foldout

Above: Paper Art Sculpting Foldout

Paper Art

Above: Sculpting Mobile

Sculpting Panel

Above: Art Sculpting Panel

Paper Art Sketchbook

Above: Sketchbook

Paper Art Sculpting

Above: Paper Art by White Papers Press

All images are © copyright White Papers Press. Please visit the for more great works.

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