Shoes Up-Flora: Paper Art by Adrian & Gidi

Check out this colorful and creative paper art by Adrian & Gidi. It is entitled ‘Shoes Up-Flora’, and shows an array of paper flowers and petals…

Paper Art Love - Shoes Up - Flora

Our latest paper flower image, shining bright on the cover of Shoes Up magazine.

Paper Art Love - Shoes Up

Paper Art Flowers

Further Information // “Paper Art Love – Shoes Up – Flora – by Adrian & Gidi” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Adrian & Gidi (Creative Commons).

Here’s another resource for you: What is Paper Craft?

Paper craft is the collection of art forms employing paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of three-dimensional objects. It is the most widely used material in arts and crafts. It lends itself to a wide range of techniques, as it can for instance be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, or layered.[1] Papermaking by hand is also an important paper craft. Painting and calligraphy though they are commonly applied as decoration are normally considered as separate arts or crafts READ MORE.

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