50+ Fantastic Folder Templates For Your Design

Check out these custom folder design templates! You can choose from more than 50 options to create the perfect folder for your presentation or print marketing packet. Browse the designs by industry, style, or imprint method to find the design that’s just right for you.

64 Gorgeous Paper Textures Pack Download

Creating beautiful mockup templates is a breeze with this paper texture pack. Its 64 images come in a variety of colors. The stocks are also sorted into four categories—coated, smooth uncoated, textured uncoated, and file folder—to help you find the perfect option for any project.

8 Creative Custom Posters by Pattern Matters

This set of wonderful creative custom posters was designed by Lim Siang Ching of Pattern Matters. As can be seen in the collection below, these custom posters are based on 3-D folded paper. I think these are absolutely amazing and totally unique, I’m sure you’ll agree. Enjoy the collection of posters below…

ABO, frequency of blood groups

Custom poster

I just absolutely love the detail within this custom poster design. As can be seen in the image below, a lot of work has gone into this peace and a lot of talent to create it. Ever since I went to art school, I’ve used a metal ruler and cutting mat too. It’s an art that takes a long time to master! Once I made a big eye out of plastic, but it didn’t work out too well─Maybe I should’ve used paper instead…