1,500 Gorgeous Hand Drawn Vector Icons – only $35! (Affiliate Post)

Gorgeous Hand Drawn Vector Icons deal

Everyone wants their website or app to stand out and get noticed. But with such fierce competition out there, how do you stand out from the short-attention-span crowd?

One way is to use some pretty unique icons. And if you really want to be different, consider using hand-drawn icons. These not only give a fun, friendly and casual feel to your app, but they’ll certainly be memorable! And with this Mighty Deal, you can save 50% off a huge collection of hand-drawn vector icons from Inventicons!

Stunning Sectional Globes by Geografia

These stunning sectional Globes by Geografia are pretty awesome, I think you’ll agree? Much like origami art, these just go to show what can be achieved with printed paper and a dash of human imagination…

Sectional Globes by Gallery

Sectional Globes

8 Creative Custom Posters by Pattern Matters

This set of wonderful creative custom posters was designed by Lim Siang Ching of Pattern Matters. As can be seen in the collection below, these custom posters are based on 3-D folded paper. I think these are absolutely amazing and totally unique, I’m sure you’ll agree. Enjoy the collection of posters below…

ABO, frequency of blood groups

Custom poster

I just absolutely love the detail within this custom poster design. As can be seen in the image below, a lot of work has gone into this peace and a lot of talent to create it. Ever since I went to art school, I’ve used a metal ruler and cutting mat too. It’s an art that takes a long time to master! Once I made a big eye out of plastic, but it didn’t work out too well─Maybe I should’ve used paper instead…

Paper Art Gameboy and Tetris

Paper Tetris

Paper Art Gameboys and classic games. We all love a bit of retro, don’t we? Well, here are 12 great pics of 3D paper constructions made and designed by “Zim and Zou”. Be inspired and prepare to be captivated by these wonderful recreations in 3D: