I assume you are looking for Papper Cut designs? Here are a couple of examples by paper artists Kris Trappeniers and Bianca Chang.

Papper Cut Sculpting by Kris Trappeniers

Paper Art Womans Head

Paper Art Sculpting by Kris Trappeniers — a stencil artist based in Belgium. As can be seen in the papercut of the womans head (above), Kris uses a sharp scalpel to create stunning paper art ‘sculptures’.

Paper Art ‘Flat Sculptures’ Gallery:

Paper Art

Paper Art

Paper cut glass

Above: Paper cut on glass

paper cutout head

Above: Paper Art Cutout of face

Papercut Matte Varnish

Above: Papper Cut with Acrylics with Matte Varnish

Papper Cut face

Above: Paper Art Face in white

All images are © copyright Kris Trappeniers.

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Papper Cut Designs by the Talented Bianca Chang

Paper Art by the Talented Bianca Chang. Here is another gallery showcasing more fantastic artwork made from just paper! I hop you enjoy it…

Paper Art Gallery (below)

Yellow paper art

Paper O shape

Here is some great work by paper artist Bianca Chang. I think her work is absolutely amazing, and really brings typography to a whole new level.

Paperart block

Cut paper spelling

Papper Cut Designs

This is a very short extract from Bianca’s site…

…The works are created by hand-plotting and cutting multiple sheets of 80gsm 100% post consumer waste recycled paper – minimizing the impact of paper consumption and consciously transforming a typically disposable medium into a long term piece of art… [carry on reading].

Papper Cut squares

Paper Art squares closeup

Original post: Paper Art by Bianca Chang.

Images displayed are copyright © Bianca Chang of Biancachang.com. Please take a look at her site for more work.


Bonus Gallery: Even though these are not strictly papper cut designs, enjoy this origami gallery by Joseph Wu…

Paper Art Funky Origami Animals by Joseph Wu

Origami animals

Paper Art of strange, funky and clever origami animals and ‘creative creatures’ are by Joseph Wu. As you may know, I feature a fair amount of paper art over here at Paper Art Love, so I hope you’ll enjoy these too. Above: “Corky & Cecil”.

Paper Art Funky Origami Animals by the talented Joseph Wu

Blue Whale paper art

Above: Blue Whale.

Dinosaurs origami

Image: Dinosaurs.

Green paperart

Above: “Ghrung”.

origami dragon

Image: “Marlowe”.

Origami Chicken

Above: “Roast Chicken”.

This image: “Owlbear”.

Above: “Triceratops”.

This image: “Krampus”.

Above: “Éowyn vs. Nazgûl”.

Credits: Images are copyright © Joseph Wu. Please head over to his Flickr profile for many more of these creative origami animals and other paper-works.