Stunning Sectional Globes by Geografia

These stunning sectional Globes by Geografia are pretty awesome, I think you’ll agree? Much like origami art, these just go to show what can be achieved with printed paper and a dash of human imagination…

Sectional Globes by Gallery

Sectional Globes

The Sectional Globes, designed by Drill Design and produced by geografia, Japan, are self-assembled, plain globes which can be customized with your own coloring or drawings. The core framework, made of ultra-thin cardboard, is printed with the internal construction of the earth, while the surface sheets depict the outlines of the oceans, continents, and countries… [READ MORE HERE].

Sectional Globes 2

You can purchase these Sectional Globes here.

Sectional Globes 3

Purchase these Sectional Globes here. Affiliate links are used in this post [link].

Sectional Globes Video [watch below]

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